CRM and Human Factors

CRM courses are tailored for each organisation model and individualized to address the culture of each client.

CRM -Crew Resource Management- refers to the effective use of all available resources: human resources (lifeware), hardware and information to achieve a safe and efficient operation. CRM training is for the development of knowledge and skills related to human performance, is one way of addressing the challenge of optimizing the human/machine interface and accompanying interpersonal activities.


  • Initial CRM course
  • Recurrent CRM course
  • Upgrade Training: Training for upgrading to Captain provides an opportunity that deals with the human factors aspects of command and leadership.
  • CRM Instructor Course: Teach the future CRM facilitators (trainers)
  • NOTECHS: New mandatory regulations require the design and development of accompanying tools and methods for an evaluation of flightcrews’ CRM skills.


  • Flight (cockpit) crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aircraft dispatchers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Management


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